Life Coach, NBI Brain Profile Practitioner & Inspirational Speaker

Dr Kobus Du Toit

B.Msc M.Msc Msc.D D.Phil DD Ph.D


I am an inspirational speaker, a registered brain profile practitioner, author, counsellor and life coach.

My services include life skills teaching, inspirational speaking and life coaching in the fields of personal and spiritual growth, parenting and relationship coaching, career and business planning and leadership.

My inspirational talks are presented to many different audiences, including professional groups, Matriculants, university students and corporations. Specific presentations are commissioned for conferences, year-end functions, graduation ceremonies and other special events.

The turning point in my life came in 2000. I was 45 years old and at the pinnacle of my career as a CEO within a corporate banking group when I was unexpectedly struck down by a very serious medical complication. This resulted in my being bed-ridden, in a partial coma, for seven years. I subsequently lost not only my health but my career, income and sense of self-worth. My marriage ended and family relationships suffered. This experience, and my miraculous journey back to  physical and emotional wellness, led to my desire to inspire others facing similar, life-changing setbacks and to try to inspire, guide and coach them to re-build their lives with dignity and courage.

My current seminar, Revitalize Your Life – Be Fully You, is aimed at men and women who are searching for significance and purpose in their lives. These seminars are usually held over weekends at retreat centres, or venues of the client’s choice.


In 1977, following my national service, I enrolled as an article clerk at PricewaterhouseCoopers. After two years, I felt this was not the field for me and moved to the Rembrandt Tobacco Corporation as a sales representative. While there, I was approached by Old Mutual to join them as a representative and soon discovered my passion to work with people on a more personal level. I found that getting to know the customers’ unique circumstances and needs and my desire to offer meaningful help was my leading motivation. A sound knowledge of alternative products of other providers was necessary to achieving my aim.

In 1981, I registered as a broker and joined Boland Bank Ltd, which was subsequently taken over by the BOE Group. In 1999 I was appointed as CEO of Financial Services Suppliers Ltd (Broking Division) and held this position until 2001.

In October 2000, an operation which went horribly wrong put an end to my career in the financial industry.

After being bed-ridden for 7 years I was miraculously healed on 12 August 2007. Since then I have been presenting inspirational talks and studying in the fields of brain profiling and life coaching. In 2012 I began my internship at Correctional Services, FAMSA and Hospice in Knysna. Since 2015, I have been developing and presenting seminars for specific groups.