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Inspirational Speaker, Brain Profile Practitioner, Counsellor and Life Coach Author of "WAKING UP: Cracking the Crisis Code"

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How I Became an Author

I never planned to write a book, especially not about myself. Following my miracle healing and regaining complete fitness and wellness, I decided not to talk about my dreadful 7-year medical experience ever again, specifically not about the destructive events associated with it – lack of memory for six years, cognitive absence from my family, all the false accusations, denials, lies and cover-ups resulting from the non-existent code of ethics I encountered within the medical and legal professions.

However, there are many people who were aware of my 7-year journey on the medical road less travelled. After they (mostly friends), saw me for the first time during my re-appearance in 2008, they were completely blown away to see me in such a vibrant and perfect state of health. I was recommended and eventually persuaded by many to share my out-of-body, near-death experiences (OBE and NDE as it were) and profound miracle healing with people who find themselves in similar challenging situations – to comfort and encourage them.

These conversations led to public talks at different venues at many different places throughout South Africa and eventually to recommendations to write and publish printed, audio and e-books. Finally, it was my eldest son, Stephan and my wife, Harriet, who persuaded me to write the book and this is how I became an author.

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