Discover the relevance to success of your Career, Business, Marriage, Parenting, Relationship, Choice of subjects – School/College/University.

Many people find themselves frustrated or trapped in their choice of subjects – school, college or university, or career, or relationship, or marriage, or parenting and this is where Brain Profiling adds value a better understanding to gain a more meaningful life – to determine the ideal match (choice of subjects, or career planning, or partner, or business, or parenting style), to fit and compliment to your personal brain profile of preference.

The miss-match of job requirements (on employment or promotion), versus that of personal brain profile preference traits and skills of employees, are more than often the root cause of many internal strenuous relationships, and/or the lack of productivity, and/or under-performance and lacking expected service levels, and/or the lack of professional standards and unachieved goals in Corporates.

Brain Profiling, prior to, or during the interview phase of a candidate, or prior to promotion of someone into a specific position (and division of a business), could prevent such a sad, or destructive, and unnecessary state of affairs in any organization regardless of its size.

What people have to say:

“By the time I reached my Matric year in 2014, I still had no idea of which career path I should follow after school.  I sought the help of a career-planning specialist and underwent a series of tests which gave me a broad idea of where my main strengths and interests lay. The various career options were so broad and varied that I felt mild panic. I had to make a decision, but without a clear direction I felt anxious and confused.

Before my final Matric exams, Dr du Toit recommended that I do a brain profile test. The findings of this process have provided me with ongoing benefits. Not only did I identify the specific course of study I should take, but I also came to appreciate my unique gifts and abilities more fully. This certainly boosted my self-confidence. My Matric results were the best of my entire high school career.

I applied to do Psychology and have approached my studies with great enthusiasm. I am now in my second year and am enjoying every aspect of my studies. The more I study, the more certain I become that I have made the right choice.

The value of the brain profiling process has not been limited to just making a wise career choice.  Every now and then I discover things about myself which were identified by the process. This has helped me, in a way, to understand myself better.

The detailed analysis of the results is especially useful. In my case, the analysis done by Dr du Toit gave me deeper insight into the various aspects of Psychology.

I would recommend brain profiling to anyone, at some stage in their lives, wishing to learn more about themselves.” ~Ilzè Rheeder