I deliver inspirational speeches on various topics to many different audiences in the strata of Professional Groups, Matriculates, University Students, Corporations and Conferences and Special Events such as year-end functions, graduation functions, Human Rights Day, etc.


Did you forget who you were before the world told you who you should be?

You are not what happened to you neither what people think, or say, or believe about you – you are who your inner being prompts who you are – the choice is entirely up to you!

Many people are unconsciously stuck in the “boxes” of old and familiar subjective behavior patterns and belief, cultural, dogmatic, or traditional belief-systems, which often result in the loss or lack of self-identity, or lack as well as in the complete absence of meaning, or purpose of life, self-esteem, and in low energy levels.

Do you perhaps feel “boxed-in,” or that you lost your grip on LIFE, or that of your own life, or maybe, that you lost track of your dreams? Do you feel distracted or despondent due to conflicting results with regards to your pure and honest intentions – that your reality just do not match up to the visions you had for your life?

If you desire to discover who you really are – to REVITALIZE YOUR LIFE to BE FULLY YOU and to live a more meaningful and purposeful life – as individual, in your relationships, your marriage, parenting and the work place, this seminar is for you.

It teaches you to uncover and identify yourself and how to free yourself from the “boxes” preventing you to BE FULLY YOU.

Please forward you e-mail address and where you reside to me at life and I will keep you posted about the venues near you and dates where you can attend.


I deliver inspirational speeches on various topics to many different audiences in the strata of Professional Groups, Matriculates, University Students, Corporations, Government at Conferences and Special Events such as year-end functions, graduation functions, Human Rights Day, etc.

Titles of some of my recent talks are:

  • Adam needs a new ID.
  • Be fully you.
  • Burnout – the deceptive assassin of executives.
  • Change is the challenge – being a victim or victor the choice – outcome the result of attitude.
  • Dare to be different.
  • Deceptive side of the gadgets we use.
  • Dynamics of thought.
  • Finish and begin strong.
  • Power of the unconscious mind.
  • Only you can make a difference.
  • The objective and subjective significance of trauma.
  • The objective and subjective significance of change.
  • The boxes that we live in.
  • The what behind the how of achievement and success.
  • Waking up.
  • Your last day – 24 hours to go!
  • Why some people become street bummers.

It does not matter what life throws at you personally or in business, but how you respond to it. Also, to accept full responsibility for the causes and consequences of your lifestyle and lastly that, however traumatic your ordeal might have been, it does not determine who you are, it reveals who you are.

My keynote talks are mainly about inspiration and personal development. I teach audiences how to utilize the phenomenal power of the mind to evolve, to be fully who they ought to be on a personal level and collectively as a family, or colleagues and in business.

However, what excites me most, is to deliver my next talk to your conference, either at the beginning of the conference to ignite the inspiration and enthusiasm for the conference or at the end as the closing speaker by merging the theme of your conference with my experiences to leave the attendees with a memorable inspiration.

I regard a briefing and consultation session (prior to a presentation), together with a client and CPO or EO as key and proportional to the efficiency and successful outcome of an event.

What the audience has to say:

Dear Kobus, thank you so much for most inspiring and enlightening talk last night. It is particularly inspiring to feel your love and forgiveness towards all. Your light is shining for everyone to experience. Thanks again.

Dear Kobus, thank you for coming and sharing your story with us. I cannot wait to read your book and to know that I can learn a lot from you.

Thank you, Kobus, for a truly inspiring evening … and the encouragement never to give up … can’t wait to read your book.

Kobus, I found your story profoundly inspiring on so many levels. It helped me remember who I really am, and some wonderful experiences I’ve had supporting that. I am very excited to get started on my own healing. Thank you very much.

Kobus, thank you for sharing your story and your wisdom and unconditional love.

God bless you Kobus. Your talk and your energy helped me very much uncover something that needed to be brought into the Light last night. Thanks, and appreciation to you.

Thank you, Kobus, for sharing your experience and love, truly amazing, also looking forward to reading your book.

Thank you, Kobus, for a truly inspiring evening.

Kobus, you are truly an inspiration for us all. Thank you for sharing your divine experience, looking forward to your book.

Kobus, a truly enlightening talk linked with your genuine experience that it is all about how I think, how I honour my body and how much gratitude I show for myself in order to claim the freedom that I should have living life from an elevated consciousness! Please keep inspire the world, it needs people like you to remind us how it should be! How about that power point presentation with the launch of your book for us? My whole body is an eye!!!