Thank you to everyone for the amazing testimonials.


“I got to meet Kobus several years ago, at a conference in the Drakensburg, since then our
relationship has grown into one of mutual respect and deep affection. Kobus is an amazing
man with an incredible story to tell. He has really dived into his subject matter and quite
literally walks his talk. He is a walking miracle and has the knack of translating complex
thoughts into easily understandable bite sized chunks. He is a shining example of the power
of the human mind, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you attend one of his retreats or
consider booking him as a speaker or coach.”
~David Watts

“Thank you for your talk on your incredible experience! I found your subject matter both exhilarating and thought provoking and it had a decidedly positive effect on ones approach to the essence of “attitude.”

Although I am not able to attend your seminar (due to work constraints), your talk has left me with a whole new insight into health and wellness and how physical affliction can be overcome from within!

I wish you well and every success in your quest to share your experience with others.” ~Denny Van Der Zee

“Kobus kept every member of our audience enthralled. His passion and charisma brought his story to life and at the end everyone asked him to continue speaking. We could all take inspiration from his message and
we all left feeling optimistic, courageous and ready to take on the world.” ~Mark Bind

“We recently had the pleasure of hosting Kobus du Toit at Avontuur Business Breakfast Club. Kobus’s incredible story of overcoming insurmountable odds, and the lessons he learned  held our members riveted to his every word.

His passionate message of hope, fortitude and perseverance made a huge impact,  and his professional presentation was one that we will remember.” Zunia Boucher-Myers & Melanie Paltoglou –  Owner Chefs Avontuur Estate Restaurant & Avontuur Business Network Organisers

“I would like to tell you that your talk I attended at Avontuur brought a huge mindset change in my life. Our pastor has been preaching many of the principles you spoke about for decades, and just hearing it from another angle really hit home. That day was a milestone in my life. Thank you. And maybe after I have read your book I will share with you what the Lord has done in my life, and how your experience has cemented divine truths in my being.” ~ A lady at a recent talk in Somerset West

“Dear Dr du Toit, My name is Kathy Thesingh. I was in the audience when you gave a talk on your recovery journey.
If you can remember, I was the lady who asked the question “where does God fit into this whole picture”

I was blown away by your talk and I loved the way you started off by saying: “I am not here to impress you, or to convince you, nor to convert you.”

Well, you did impress me, but in a different way. I was glued to my seat and hardly breathed, scared of missing out on what you were sharing. I believe that it’s nothing new to you that people find your story incredible.” Kathy Thesingh: Helderberg Village

“I had the privilege to attend Dr Kobus du Toit’s presentation entitled ‘Waking Up’ on 24 February 2016.  His story is amazing but what stood out for me is his humility and heartfelt sincerity.

His presentation was a true reflection of the beautiful being he is.  He not only offers an amazing story but has studied metaphysics in an attempt to be able to offer us, his audience, real tools and guidance to live our most vital lives.  A true gift.  I would highly recommend his presentations and workshops to anyone wanting to reconnect to the vitality that is our birthright.” Dr Loretta Furrucci: Homeopath East London